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Maratona Alzheimer

Alzheimer’s Marathon is a sporting-solidarity event created in 2012 for the rights, awareness, prevention and research on Alzheimer’s disease. The event takes place between Cesena and Cesenatico with thousands of participants, always on the second Sunday of September, with an entire week dedicated to raising awareness about the disease: from the importance of correct lifestyles for prevention to research on Alzheimer’s, from sharing experiences to defending the rights of the one million people and families living with Alzheimer’s. Maratona Alzheimer, originally a 42 km marathon, now involves the whole community thanks to:

  1. La Mezza Maratona Alzheimer: a FIDAL competitive race that takes place among the hilly and maritime landscapes of Romagna on an in-line 21 km route from the centre of Cesena to the beach of Cesenatico.

  2. La Grande Marcia Alzheimer of 16 km and the Piccola Marcia Alzheimer of 8 km: two routes designed for the whole family, to be tackled by running or walking.

​The event raises funds each year for scientific research and projects for the care and support of people with Alzheimer’s, but prevention is always the priority. “Prevenire l’Alzheimer si può” is the title of the information brochure created by the Alzheimer’s Marathon Foundation to emphasise the importance of lifestyle. It contains practical advice, taken from the WHO guidelines, on maintaining adequate cognitive and motor activity and a healthy diet in the first place.

The numbers of the Maratona Alzheimer:

  • more than 1 million kilometres travelled by more than 50,000 people in support of the rights of people with Alzheimer’s disease

  • 400 volunteers involved in organising the event, from more than 50 associations

  • 60 local organisations participate each year as partners or supporters in Alzheimer’s Marathon projects

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