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Physical inactivity for kids is out of control The World Health Organization has revealed concerning data: 81% of 11 to 17-year-olds are not physically active, with girls being more affected (85% inactive, compared to 78% of boys).
GDP is not a measure of Well-being There is more to life than the cold numbers of GDP and economic statistics. The Better Life Index is an example of going beyond GDP to measure well-being.
Food processing & cancer risk in Europe Processed and ultraprocessed food consumption increase the risk for cancer. Replacing a small amount of such foods with minimally processed options may reduce that risk.
Steps are good for your heart In over 60s, taking 6000 steps a day reduces the chance of cardiovascular disease by 40-50% compared to walking 2000 steps a day.
The effects of sleep deprivation A ten-year study looked at cognitive function in 8,958 people aged 50 and over in England. The research team investigated how different combinations of sleep and physical activity habits might affect people's cognitive function over time.
Dementia: modifiable risk factors An update to the Lancet Commission on Dementia prevention, intervention and care presents a life-course model showing that 12 potentially modifiable risk factors account for around 40% of worldwide dementias
Health is Wealth According to Schwab's seventh annual Modern Wealth Survey, when it comes to wealth, wealth is more important than money or other assets.
Health for All: transforming economies to deliver what matters We need to reorient economic policies away from measures like GDP and towards well-being and health for all.
World Happiness Report 2023 Lo sapevi che secondo il World Happiness Report la Finlandia è stata il paese più felice del mondo negli ultimi 6 years?
Equitable and sustainable well-being BES Report 2022: 46% of Italians are very satisfied with their lives, but satisfaction with their leisure time and their future has decreased.
Sport: Italians are less active than the European average Sport is good for your health, but how much is it practised in Italy and in the rest of Europe?
Salt reduction: a life-saving strategy The global burden of unhealthy diets is a major public health challenge. 1.89 million deaths are associated with excessive intake of salt.
Physical activity: a mainstay treatment for mental disorders Largest meta-analysis to-date confirms that physical activity effectively reduces depression, anxiety and psychological distress.
Commercial determinants of health Commercial actors influence health in several ways. The frameworks for understanding and an agenda for responding to the influences on health are set out in The Lancet Series on the Commercial Determinants of Health.
School health and nutrition Childhood and adolescence are critical times for establishing healthy lifestyles. In the new global report on school health and nutrition, ‘Ready to learn and thrive’, UNESCO answers to some important questions about this topic.
In the EU less than 3% goes to preventive care On average in the EU, public and private expenditure on preventive care account for less than 3% of total health expenditure, while 97% is dedicated to cure.
Health, happiness and the Wellness Economy A recent report by the Global Wellness Institute highlighted the relationship between the wellness economy and life satisfaction. Where the expense of wellness products and services is higher, people are happier and more satisfied with their lives.
The role of physical activity on mental health 280 million people around the globe suffer from depression, which is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. Research supports a beneficial role of exercise and increased physical activity for addressing mental health issues.
New report on childhood obesity in Europe WHO Europe has published a new Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative (COSI) report, measuring trends in overweight and obesity among 411.000 children aged 6-9 years in 33 countries (out of 45 countries that participated in the fifth round).
The global cost of physical inactivity The World Health Organization recently published The Global status report on physical activity 2022, measuring the extent to which governments are implementing recommendations to increase physical activity across all ages and abilities.

Born to Move

From the garage of a small house in the Italian countryside to the Wellness Economy. Nerio Alessandri shares his story as a wellness pioneer and his vision for a long-term sustainable development.


Be Wellness

Nerio Alessandri answers to the emerging questions around the Wellness Lifestyle, which is now a necessity.

WELLNESS_ History and Culture 2007

Wellness. History and Culture of living well

The book traces the history of Wellness through 12 essays written by preeminent Italian academics.

De Arte Gymnastica 2003

The Arte Gymnastica

A prestigious edition of the “De Arte Gymnastica”, the first publication on sports medicine written in 1569 by Girolamo Mercuriale, an Italian doctor.

wellness-news-book-01-desk@1x 2001

Wellness! Choose to live well

The first book written by Nerio Alessandri presenting the manifesto of the Wellness Lifestyle and its individual and social benefits.


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