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Evolness© – Polisportiva Garden

Evolness© is the union between FITNESS, MEDICINE AND INTEGRATION to improve people’s physical condition at 360°. This synergy aims to provide a complete service that focuses on the individuals’ wellbeing and enables them to achieve the best possible result, whatever the goal may be. 

The course is based on the assumption that the combination of preventive medicine with the promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle offers a concrete response to prevent chronic diseases and improve one’s health condition. 
The project stems from the integration of four realities – the Esculapio Outpatient Clinic, the Esculapio Parapharmacy and the two sports facilities: Garden Sporting Center and Steven Sporting Club – to develop an “evolved” and innovative model, an environment in which health and well-being are promoted in a global and integrated approach.  

Evolness© offers different types of protocols that include an accurate assessment of the initial state of fitness, a personalized nutritional and integrative path, motor protocols adapted to the needs of the client/patient and periodic checks to monitor the results obtained and the state of improvement. 
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