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Wellness Valley

The first district of Wellness and the quality of life
Created in 2003, "Wellness Valley" is the project promoted by the Wellness Foundation with the aim of making the Italian region of Romagna the first district for knowledge and culture on wellness and the good quality of life.

In August 2002, Nerio Alessandri, founder of the Wellness Foundation, launched this innovative project by inviting all the public and private local key players to work together and promote initiatives inspired by the culture of Wellness, each in their own sector.
Wellness lifestyle is an opportunity in two directions: within the region, to improve the quality of life and health of residents; outside the region, to increase the attractiveness of the area.

After 20 years, the Wellness Valley is a well-established reality and the first example of a Wellness community, with over 60 active projects that make this area a “living lab” of best practices on healthy lifestyles.

The Wellness Valley initiative has given life to a social innovation model that focuses on people and their well-being and involves all the stakeholders of a community: public administrations, schools, companies, universities, doctors, health systems, sports and cultural associations, gyms, tourism companies.

Staying healthy pays off and the Wellness Valley provides concrete evidence of it.
The population in Romagna is among the most active in Italy, with a positive impact for:

  • Health and prevention

  • Sustainable economic development

  • Promotion of the territory

The data collected by the Wellness Valley Observatory:
Romagna Italy
Active Population 46,2%
Sedentary Population 30,6%
Overweight population 31,9%
Use of bike 10,1%
Commuting on foot 40,7%
Practitioners who prescribe physical activity 29%
Risk of disabilities over 65 17,1%

Source: Wellness Valley Report 04 (2023)
Best Practice
A living best practice of an ecosystem of health
A living best practice of an ecosystem of health

In 2016, the World Economic Forum in Davos presented a study on the Wellness Valley as a benchmark for a long-term sustainable system that promotes health thanks to the focus on prevention.

The Wellness Valley model has attracted the attention of institutions, governments and cities interested in promoting the quality of life, enhancing their territories, achieving sustainable development and reducing healthcare costs.

Thanks to the numerous programmes and education projects activated to promote active lifestyles among the population, and the multi-stakeholder approach, the Wellness Valley initiative is concretely achieving the four goals of the World Health Organization’s Global Action Plan on Physical Activity 2018-2030:

  •  Create active societies

  •  Create active environments

  •  Create active people

  •  Create a governance system that promotes exercise for people’s health

The Wellness Valley Protocol

The Emilia-Romagna Region and the University of Bologna, with its four Campuses in Romagna, also participate in the Wellness Valley project and have signed a Protocol with the Wellness Foundation which aims to:


Continue developing and innovating the Wellness Valley project in Romagna as a living best practice


Promote the Wellness Valley internationally and transfer its experience to other communities