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Health promoting Gyms

In Emilia-Romagna, physical exercise is recognised as a medicine for the treatment of the main chronic pathologies and a network of public and private gyms, certified and institutionally recognised by the regional health service, and it is set up to promote the health of all citizens and in particular to encourage physical exercise, one of the priorities of the Emilia-Romagna Region’s Prevention Plan

In “Health promoting Gyms” the practice of physical exercise prescribed by the general practitioner takes place in a controlled and supervised manner, in the presence of professionals with a degree in preventive and adapted motor activity science, and under the supervision of health professionals. Physical exercise, as has been recognised by many scientific studies, is effective in the prevention of chronic diseases and cardiovascular diseases and is considered an important therapeutic modality.

A network of facilities promoting healthy lifestyles, pursuing the principles of equity and non-discrimination of people, promoting access and inclusion for all.

Physical activity as therapy

When specific pathological conditions are involved, the doctor may agree with the person to adhere to a certain type of physical activity, regulated according to precise protocols (modalities, frequency, intensity, duration and progression over time). In these cases we speak of a prescription for physical exercise, which takes on a role similar to that of a therapy and can be carried out – depending on the pathological condition – independently or under the supervision of specifically trained exercise science graduates.
The facilities that are part of the network are Health Promoting Gyms and Gyms That Also Promote Adapted Physical Activity Courses (AFA).

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