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Join the biggest social campaign in the fitness industry. Engage yourself, your friends and your community to create a healthier world.

By taking part in the “Let’s Move for a Better World” campaign, you can donate your physical activity to a good cause.

The world’s population is now more sedentary than ever! Human beings were born to move, but technological and social changes have dramatically reduced physical activity levels over the past 30 years with serious consequences for people’s health. Help fight the physical inactivity crisis. Join the campaign and make a difference by getting active.
Collect and donate your MOVEs
With Technogym’s MOVE, you can track and monitor your personal activity level and compare it with your friends. The more you move, the more MOVEs you collect.

The gyms that gather the required number of MOVEs will be able to donate equipment to institutions or schools of their choice to help building a better and healthier world.
Discover MOVEs and MOVERGY
MOVEs is Technogym’s unit for measuring movement that helps you objectively assessing how active your lifestyle is.
Any action you take that involves movement can be accurately calculated with this measurement system.

To keep yourself healthy, it is important to collect at least 1000 MOVEs every day.
The more you move and train, the more MOVEs you collect.
Here are some examples:

  • Five flights of stairs are considered 50 MOVEs

  • A nice walk of half an hour equals to 200 MOVEs

  • If instead of walking you decide to run for half an hour, you can accumulate 400 MOVEs.

Watch the video
Watch the video
Train at home, at the hotel, at the gym or outdoors. Monitor your activities and lifestyle with MOVEs and MOVERGY.

Download Technogym App to calculate exactly how active you are and get superior results faster. You can track your daily MOVEs and monitor your progress with the MOVERGY, the index with the average of your daily MOVEs collected over a 14-day period.
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