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Io gioco d’anticipo – a.r.r.t.

“Io Gioco d’Anticipo” is the project promoted by the Associazione Romagnola Ricerca Tumori that combines prevention, culture and sport with the aim of educating on health and prevention from an early age. With this in mind, for more than 10 years the ARRT has been carrying out interventions in the school system, particularly in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, aimed at spreading understanding of the principles of proper nutrition among students through experience and play. The initiative includes initial teacher training, the distribution of an illustrated booklet to all pupils and classroom workshop activities.
More than 100 classes and around 2,100 children participate each year in the project, which, since 2018, integrates nutrition education with “play and movement”, lessons in motor and sports activities in schools led by instructors from local sports associations, ending with the ARRT Olympics, a day of sport, wellness and fun.
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