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Combining confidence and resilience: Wellness at the heart of positive change

19 January 2024
The 54th annual conference of the World Economic Forum (WEF) was held from 15 to 19 January 2024 with the evocative theme “Rebuilding Trust“.

This annual meeting involves over 100 governments, leading international organisations, Forum partner companies, civil society leaders, young innovators and media representatives, providing a crucial opportunity to facilitate dialogue between public and private actors. The aim is to address pressing economic, social and environmental challenges, while promoting collaboration for positive change.
The term “polycrisis” was widely discussed at Davos last year, reflecting the interconnected and cascading nature of crises, including geopolitical rifts, cost of living crises, energy and food security concerns, and the climate emergency. As the world faces new and undeniable challenges, the meeting raises the question of whether 2024 will witness a worsening of the situation, turning into a period of “permacrisis”, or whether it will present an opportunity for resolution and recovery, restoring confidence.

Davos 2024 goal is to restore trust, promote transparency, coherence and accountability among leaders through a rich agenda of thematic sessions in four key areas: achieve security and cooperation in a fractured world, create growth and jobs for a new era, harness artificial intelligence (AI) for the benefit of the economy and society, and develop a long-term climate, nature and energy strategy. 
Speaking during the “Digital and AI Health” and “Taking Food personally” (Nutrition initiative) panels, Erica Alessandri, Member of the Board of Directors of Technogym and Wellness Foundation, outlined the crucial role of digital technology in promoting holistic, person-centred wellness. With the perspective emerging from Technogym, the integration of unified data and the potential of AI offer significant new opportunities to connect wellness to healthcare, highlighting the company’s advanced vision in this evolving space.
At the same time, she emphasised how personalised nutrition, coupled with other pillars of a positive lifestyle such as exercise, plays a key role in sustaining and maintaining health.

Basically, wellness emerges as a crucial element in rebuilding trust and promoting resilience. By supporting wellness as a social opportunity, both Technogym and the Wellness Foundation are helping to promote a positive future, offering a great opportunity to spread the culture of wellness and leave a legacy.
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