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Romagna Iniziative

Romagna Iniziative brings together some of the most important businesses in the Cesena and Romagna area that share a way of doing responsible business, with the aim of supporting the growth of the territory and its human resources, starting with young people.

Founded in 1996, for more than 20 years the consortium has been committed with continuity and passion to enhancing sports activities and projects of artistic and cultural interest.
Romagna Iniziative promotes sport and the values of physical activity and team play – growth, integration, socialisation, health, wellbeing – by supporting more than 40 associations and sports events involving 10,000 young people each year in the practice of various disciplines, including football, volleyball, basketball, rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, cycling, tennis and many others.

To foster the sharing and growth of knowledge, Romagna Iniziative also supports art and culture events, also of a social nature, such as theatre and musical performances, literary competitions, and contributes to the recovery of local artistic heritage.
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