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Digital technologies for health and wellness

24 March 2023
The global market for digital health and wellness is estimated to reach up to 1 trillion dollars in the coming years. (Source: World Economic Forum)

Digital technologies are making major changes in every field and they could increase access and improve outcomes in quality of care. Dramatic improvements in networking and computers have not only expanded options for medical treatments but have also transformed how clinicians perform their jobs.
Last week the Wellness Foundation had the opportunity to contribute to the session “Technologies for Health and Wellness” at the World Economic Forum’s Industry Strategy Meeting 2023.
The panelist Nabeel Goheer, Chief of Asia, Middle East, Europe Region, PATH, Bjoern von Siemens, Founder and Chief Financial Officer, Caresyntax GmbH and Federica Alberti, Director of the Wellness Foundation, shared insightful experiences on new models of collaboration and agreed on the need of a coordinated and data-enabled approach to ensure that every person on Earth has equal access to the highest standards of preventive health and clinical care.
It is indeed the time for companies and governments to join forces and catalyse action across the world to deliver on the promise of improved health and well-being through digital technologies.
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