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Be wellness: choose to live well

5 June 2023
Exactly 30 years ago, Nerio Alessandri introduced Wellness, the lifestyle based on regular exercise, healthy eating and a positive mental approach. A vision that changed the industry and has now become a global mega-trend, at the top of the priorities of governments, businesses and citizens. The book “Be Wellness: choose to live well” published by Mondadori Electa in 2023, follows on from “Wellness: choose to live well! The philosophy of the man behind Technogym” published in 2001, “Wellness: History and Culture of Living Well” from 2007 and “Born to Move” from 2014. Through this list of publications, the Technogym founder wants to raise awareness among the public of the importance of the Wellness Lifestyle in all our lives.
The book covers 30 years of experience in the promotion of wellness: from the “mens sana in corpore sano” of the Romans, to how to use digital technology for personal wellness, to the economic and social opportunities associated with the spread of healthy lifestyles.
In this book, Nerio Alessandri explains how being healthy is not only good for individuals and their health, how unhealthy lifestyles such as sedentariness, smoking and poor diet are a serious threat to each of us, but also to economic and social sustainability, and that when we can effortlessly perform our favourite activities, when food is a healthy pleasure and not a daily obsession, when exercise is an integral part of our lives, then we can say that we are “Wellness” and society as a whole will enjoy the benefits.
The book is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on the analysis of the three fundamental components of wellness: movement, nutrition and psychological well-being, well represented by the iconic ‘Wellness Pyramid‘. In the second part he takes a look into the future, dealing with topics such as the importance of exercise as prevention, healthy longevity, the role of genetics and new technologies.

"Living longer is not enough, the new paradigm will be living well and long: from simple longevity to healthy longevity" - Nerio Alessandri

The book ends with a positive look at the great potential of wellness in the field of economics and sustainability: the more people follow the Wellness Lifestyle, the less the burden on public health will be. Alessandri presents real metrics to measure the benefits of wellness on the economy, in a dynamic called Wellness Economy.
Alessandri has been firmly stating for years that:

"Wellness can create a new virtuous economy, the Wellness Economy, which is an opportunity for everyone: for governments to reduce healthcare spending through policies that put prevention first, for companies that invest in health, for employees who can benefit in terms of increased productivity and creativity, and above all for people, to live better and longer".

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