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A weekend focused on prevention

24 April 2024
In a weekend focused on promoting wellness and health prevention, 2 important events captured the public’s attention. On Saturday, April 20, the first National Prevention Day was held in 21 Italian squares, an initiative that saw Doctors and Nurses of Internal Medicine from FADOI (Federazione delle Associazioni dei Dirigenti Ospedalieri Internisti) and ANÌMO (Associazione Nazionale Infermieri di Medicina Interna e Area Critica) offer free health screening to citizens.

This day was a valuable opportunity for citizens to receive important advice on how to prevent the most common diseases. It is crucial to remember that many chronic noncommunicable diseases can be prevented through healthy lifestyles and regular checkups. However, despite the importance of prevention, only 3% of healthcare spending is currently invested in this area, while as much as 97% is spent on treatment.

At the same time, on Sunday, April 22, the city of Forli hosted the Diabetes Marathon, the largest diabetes event in Italy. This event not only raised awareness about the different forms of diabetes, but also offered support to people living with this disease in their life journey. The Wellness Foundation has been supporting the Diabetes Marathon for 11 years, but this year it enriched the experience at the Diabetes Marathon Village with a significant new contribution. For the first time, a corner dedicated to prevention was set up, where Forli Diabetes nurses, Forlifarma S.P.A. pharmacists and association volunteers offered free blood glucose measurements, but not only…

The Wellness Foundation actively participated in both days, contributing to the distribution of the Wellness Index, a lifestyle assessment tool. This index offers a personalized lifestyle assessment and suggests practical actions to improve participants’ overall well-being. This initiative was part of the “Chi si muove, si ama!” campaign created in Romagna, with the aim of encouraging a sedentary public to change their lifestyles through physical activity.

The significance of these events highlights the crucial importance of prevention in our society. Investing in health promotion and individual well-being is critical to creating a healthier and more prosperous community. Especially at a time when health has become an increasingly valuable resource, it is essential to recognize that prevention remains the foundation on which to build a better future for all of us.
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