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The Wellness Foundation joins EuropeActive

1 November 2022
We are pleased to announce our partnership with EuropeActive, the European Association for fitness and physical activity.
Founded in 1996 as a nonprofit organization, EuropeActive serves the European sector with the ambition to get more people, more active, more often.
It works with the EU Institutions and other international organizations, national associations, fitness operators and suppliers, front-line professionals and through a growing number of Europe-wide events.

CEO of EuropeActive Andreas Paulsen commented: “We are delighted to welcome the Wellness Foundation as a new partner of EuropeActive. We passionately support their mission of spreading and promoting the benefits of regular physical activity, healthy lifestyles and the importance of mental wellbeing for our society. We trust our cooperation moving forward will help our sector succeed in getting more people, more active, more often”.

Since 2003, the Wellness Foundation promotes the culture of Wellness, the lifestyle balancing regular physical exercise, healthy nutrition and a positive mental approach.
We believe in Wellness as a social opportunity for all:

  • People, to live longer and in good health;

  • Companies, that can rely on healthier and more creative employees;

  • Governments, that need to contain healthcare budgets for the long-term sustainability.

“Thanks to this partnership, we will be happy to join forces to fight against inactivity promoting physical exercise for the health and wellbeing of all, building bridges and sharing knowledge to achieve public health goals”.

Federica Alberti, Wellness Foundation Director
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