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Milan Longevity Summit

3 April 2024
After an intense week of scientific debates, the Milan Longevity Summit, which placed Milan at the forefront of longevity and quality of life issues, has come to an end. A project created by Viviana Kasam, founder of Brain Circle Italia, which brought together 60 renowned scientists from all over the world to share their most advanced research on slowing down the biological ageing process: from recent developments in regenerative medicine to promising research on the genetics of ageing, the summit offered a comprehensive overview of the latest innovations in the field.

The ongoing demographic change requires a global and holistic response. Roundtables involving demographers, investors, start-up entrepreneurs and mayors highlighted the need for new social and economic paradigms to meet the challenges of an increasingly long-lived population.

The mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, emphasised the importance of this initiative for the city, which confirms itself as a point of reference in the field of scientific research and citizens’ well-being.

"Milan stands out as a hothouse of innovation and a laboratory for interpreting current social and cultural changes" - Giuseppe Sala

The Milan Longevity Summit was not only an opportunity to present the latest scientific findings, but also to initiate a dialogue on how best to prepare for a long-lived and healthy future, starting with correct lifestyles.

Technogym, leader in the wellness sector, supported the Summit, confirming its 40-year commitment to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Several interventions contributed concretely to the debate: Technogym and Wellness Foundation President Nerio Alessandri presented the “Milano Wellness City 2030” project, Enrico Cappelletti, Health, Corporate & Performance Sales Director of Technogym discussed the topic of Longevity and the redesign of services and opportunities, Silvano Zanuso, Director of Technogym’s Medical-Scientific Department and Scientific Director of the Wellness Foundation, discussed the importance of physical activity for long-term health and presented the booklet “Exercise is Medicine” while Erica Alessandri, Member of the Board of Directors of Technogym and the Wellness Foundation participated in the round table on new business models in the longevity revolution.

These speeches highlighted Technogym’s commitment to promoting health and wellbeing, not only through technological innovation in the fitness sector, but also through education and awareness-raising on healthy and active living practices.

The Milan Longevity Summit provided an important platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange, pushing forward research and innovation in the field of longevity and health.
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