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Sustainable development

Technogym Village

The Technogym Village is the world’s first Wellness Campus and a global benchmark for the Wellness industry.
The Technogym Village is the headquarters of the company that launched wellness, the place where the wellness vision comes to life every day, where employees and visitors can develop, promote and experience the various aspects of the wellness lifestyle.

The design of the Technogym Village follows the principles of eco-sustainability to create a workplace dedicated to excellence that focuses on people’s quality of life and well-being.
The Technogym world is innovation, wellness and sustainability. The Technogym Village hosts a large Wellness Centre dedicated to physical activity and interior design, the T-Wellness Science Centre, where the latest medical-scientific, physiological and biomechanical findings are transformed into wellness solutions, the T-Research and Development Department the area dedicated to scientific research and the development of innovation, the Technogym University which hosts training courses with experts from all over the world, and the T-Wellness Restaurant where the different menus are prepared under the banner of sustainability and health by favouring 0 km ingredients according to a balanced diet plan approved by a nutritionist.
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