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Ben-Essere. Alimentazione e corretti stili di vita

The project “Ben-Essere. Alimentazione e corretti stili di vita”, coordinated by Luigi Barilari and developed in collaboration with Gal l’Altra Romagna, aims to spread healthy lifestyles among the population of the Union of Municipalities of Romagna Forlivese as an opportunity for the locals’ well-being and for the development of the territory for tourism purposes. 

The initiative is divided into 3 main directives with actions aimed at increasing the culture of well-being, starting from primary and secondary school children, and developing good practices to reduce sedentariness, generating a positive impact in the long term.  

  • Healthy eating education: 380 students from schools in 12 municipalities engaged in workshops, events and education activities on proper nutrition and biodiversity with the support of farmers from the AgriOasi Romagnole association. 

  • Sports, well-being and prevention: the program, aimed at sedentary or inactive people, includes a series of guided excursions, on foot or by E-bike, starting from spring to late autumn, as an element of “initiation” to the practice of sport. Interested people will be able to join the activities free of charge and will be part of an experimental group for the measurement of health outcomes.  
    This will be followed by an informative day on prevention in the thermal facilities of Castrocaro. 

  • Promotion of correct lifestyles for the enhancement of the territory: correct lifestyles and the concept of “well-beingbecome real guidelines on which to enhance, develop and tell the story of the territory. To spread a renewed awareness, a path of seminars and capacity building meetings will be outlined to create connections between citizens and the territory, aiming to highlight these elements as tourist attractors, with transversal repercussions for the whole community.  

The launch event of the sporting activity will be held at the end of May at the BRN Village in Forlimpopoli. In this context, the Ben-Essere project will be presented in its general features together with guests from the world of health and well-being: a sports testimonial will talk about the importance of movement and a nutritionist will address the issue of nutrition in sport. 

Information and Contacts
Luigi Barilari (Cycling Guide) 348 2489029 /
Laura Mengozzi (Aigae Guide) 349 4267586 /
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