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Technogym and Wellness Foundation, a shared commitment to sustainable communities

21 June 2024
Technogym, which has always been committed to promoting “wellness communities” around the world, joined the Davos Baukultur Alliance a few days ago, a global alliance to promote quality in the planning, construction and management of more inclusive, sustainable and vibrant communities.

Members of the alliance met on Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 June at the World Economic Forum in Geneva, and Technogym / Wellness Foundation were invited to speak on the panel “Blooming Nature, Flourishing Cities“.

To answer the question “How can we create more resilient, liveable and sustainable cities by integrating nature into urban planning?” we brought the experience of Wellness Valley, a true wellness ecosystem within which several cities have initiated urban regeneration projects through the enhancement of natural resources and the integration of sustainable construction practices. More than half of global GDP depends on the health of nature: nature’s role in designing more resilient and prosperous cities is vital. The Geneva meeting shared successful practices for creating green and biodiverse spaces, harnessing natural ecosystems to meet urban infrastructure needs, and finding nature-based solutions to improve the built environment.

The participation of Technogym and the Wellness Foundation in the Davos Baukultur Alliance represents a significant step towards building greener and more liveable cities: we are convinced that through shared experience and joint commitment, we can truly promote sustainable urban development models. The Wellness Valley case demonstrates the effectiveness of innovative strategies in improving the quality of urban life, highlighting how vision and collaboration between different stakeholders can accelerate progress towards more resilient and thriving communities.
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