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Wellness Valley Cammina

“Wellness Valley Cammina” is the event of the Romagna Walking Groups: a walk with routes and itineraries in 30 different localities in the area that simultaneously moves more than 1,500 people, including beginners and enthusiasts, in the name of wellness, sociality and quality of life.

The initiative, promoted by Wellness Foundation, was launched in 2017, on the occasion of the European Week of Sport. As many as 36 Romagna Walking Groups joined the event, demonstrating the extraordinary power of walkers to bring people together and educate them about active living.
The initiative is repeated annually with the aim of enhancing the reality of the Wellness Valley Walking Groups, whose widespread presence in the cities of Romagna is a peculiarity of this area. Thanks to their commitment, throughout the year thousands of citizens of all ages and levels of physical fitness meet spontaneously every evening for a collective walk of 6-8 kilometres with the aim of improving their health.
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