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Health & Prevention

Thermal baths of Rimini

Rimini Terme is the only complex in the region that uses both seawater and thermal water for treatments and therapies.

Within it, there is a physiotherapy center with a team of professionals specialized in motor rehabilitation, postural gymnastics, and osteopathic treatments, aimed at maintaining or recovering movement and functional abilities. These services are provided for reasons related to age, physical stress, or as a result of trauma, illness, or environmental factors. The rehabilitation program can be developed in water, in the gym, or in the clinic.
Prevention is the key to good health. As a result, Rimini Terme offers the possibility of carrying out clinical examinations and health screenings in its own facilities, and participates in various initiatives for prevention and education on healthy lifestyles in collaboration with local institutions and local entities. The project ‘Growing Healthy with Children at the Spa’ involves 300 primary school children from the 1st and 2nd grades in Rimini each year, helping to educate them on the benefits of a healthy, correct and respectful lifestyle towards themselves and the environment.
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