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La Domus e la bici

The “La Domus e la bici” project was set up to encourage the adoption of a healthy and active lifestyle among the employees of Domus Nova, a private community hospital in Ravenna integrated in the Regional Health Service where more than 100 doctors work.

Each employee who commutes to work by bicycle or on foot accrues minutes of paid leave every day, according to a table that recognises 5 distance bands: up to a maximum of 12 minutes per day to those who live more than 2 km away, and a minimum of 3 minutes to those who live within a band of 500 metres to 1 km.

In 2013, the more than 13,000 km travelled by the 32 employees saved the environment around 1,225 kg of CO2, contributing to health-friendly exercise habits. The initiative is part of Domus Nova’s well-established commitment to prevention, both towards its employees and the community. Throughout the year, the medical facility hosts meetings and information days to raise awareness of health-promoting behaviour at all ages.
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