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Romagnolo Institute for the Study of Tumors

The IRST – Romagnolo Institute for the Study of Tumors “Dino Amadori” based in Meldola is a center of excellence entirely dedicated to the treatment, research, and training in the field of oncology.

Established in the year 2000, through the visionary perspective of Professor Dino Amadori, founder of the Romagnolo Oncological Institute, the IRST model places the patient at the center, implementing a dynamic organization of Care Pathways in which multiple professional figures collaborate to support the quality of life and well-being of individuals.
In 2020, following the untimely passing of Professor Amadori, the Territorial Social and Health Conference launched the three-year plan of the Comprehensive Cancer Care (& Research) Network of Romagna, the Romagna Oncology Network, which includes the facilities of the Romagna Local Health Authority (Ausl Romagna) and the IRCCS-IRST in Meldola. The project leverages the integration of care and research to provide, in every area of Romagna connected to the Network, the best that current oncological research has to offer for primary prevention and the management and treatment of the disease.
The IRST actively collaborates with universities, local health authorities, institutions, and some of the most important national and international centers for oncological research and treatment, aiming to advance scientific research and develop innovative diagnostic and therapeutic solutions.
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