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Casa Artusi

Casa Artusi was founded in the name of Pellegrino Artusi (Forlimpopoli 1820-Florence 1911), a Forlimpopoli man of letters and gastronome, author of the famous manual ‘La Scienza in Cucina e l’Arte di Mangiar Bene‘ (Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well) published in 1891 and of which he edited 15 editions, with over a million copies sold worldwide.

Casa Artusi is the first centre of gastronomic culture dedicated to Italian home cooking that enhances the Artusi heritage in all its spaces with different functions, all related to the different expressions of gastronomic culture.
Casa Artusi is at the same time a library, cookery school, workshop, restaurant, wine shop and container of events: it is the living museum of home cooking, open to enthusiasts and the curious, professionals and connoisseurs, scholars and researchers, who want to deepen their knowledge of gastronomic culture and experience hands-on cooking.
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Cappelletti all'uso di Romagna n.7 di Pellegrino Artusi
Studio Pellegrino Artusi - Biblioteca Gastronomica
Artusi, Libro - credits by Fondazione Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì ph. Gianluca Camporesi
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